Today we’re removing ads from Plato and returning to our original logo. To enjoy an ad-free experience, just update to Plato v3.0+ in the App Store or Google Play.

Yeah, we’re thinking we’re back

At Plato we’ve always tried to put you, our players, first. We’ve done this by having no pay-to-win gimmicks, energy bars, or even ads for the first 2 years after we launched. Almost two years ago though, we included ads to help us with the costs of the development and maintenance of Plato. It was a compromise that we’ve since regretted and one we’re no longer willing to make.

Current mainstream…

With Valentine’s Day almost in reach, Plato gives some perspective

“Look, I’ve known Cassie the longest, it’s only fair that I get to ask her out,” Davis said.

“Okay, but I have more classes with her. And we’re in photography club together,” Kade snapped back.

Davis took a breath to respond, but they were interrupted when a man clad in toga sat beside them. “Good afternoon, boys,” he said. Was he a new teacher?

“What do you want?” Davis said.

“Let’s just play a game. Okay?” He waited for a moment. The boys nodded. …

For the last 5 years we’ve worked hard to build Plato to be a pure and fun-focused experience. We’ve grown the team to 20 people, had 7.5 million installs, and over a million people now use Plato each month. To date, all that has been completely free with just a single optional purchase of Unlimited Levels.

As we looked into what we want to accomplish in 2019 and beyond, it became clear we needed the people that use Plato each day to help support it. Unlike a lot of other apps or games, Plato wasn’t built to leverage loot boxes…

For the past few months we’ve been busy behind the scenes improving Groups. Our goal was to act on feedback that people wanted to make their own public Rooms. We also wanted to give group owners more control over moderation, more ways to customize their group, and to separate in-game chat from out-of-game chat.

What about old Groups?

Groups 2.0 are a whole new type of group only available in the latest versions (1.6.0+) of Plato. While old Groups will still continue to function, in version 1.6.0+ you won’t be able create old Groups or add members to them.

We strongly recommend everyone updates…

We believe the best games are the ones that bring people together.

Sara and Thomas grew up together playing chess. When their parents decided to raise their kids together as next-door neighbors, they took them to the park together. But they didn’t use their energy on the swings. Instead, they developed a fierce rivalry in the seats; Thomas just couldn’t seem to win a single game, being younger than Sara, but it didn’t stop him from trying, over and over again. It didn’t even matter the other kids thought they were uncool for doing it.

Plato Team

Plato is a new — and old — kind of games and chat app. We believe the best games are the ones that bring people together.

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