Killing Ads

Plato Team
2 min readFeb 25, 2021


Today we’re removing ads from Plato and returning to our original logo. To enjoy an ad-free experience, just update to Plato v3.0+ in the App Store or Google Play.

Yeah, we’re thinking we’re back

At Plato we’ve always tried to put you, our players, first. We’ve done this by having no pay-to-win gimmicks, energy bars, or even ads for the first 2 years after we launched. Almost two years ago though, we included ads to help us with the costs of the development and maintenance of Plato. It was a compromise that we’ve since regretted and one we’re no longer willing to make.

Current mainstream ads technology has become a pseudo-surveillance system. It follows you from app-to-app and device-to-device; it sells your activity to the highest bidder in an attempt to influence your behavior — often against your own interests. We think this is unethical and don’t want to continue to participate in it, so we’re taking a stand and opting out.

Besides, Plato is just better without ads and their privacy-sapping baggage.

We know you’ll enjoy this more pure experience and to reflect our return to our core values, we’ve brought back our original logo as well. And, to be clear, we are continuing to take a firm stance against pay-to-win in any of our games.

As a heads up, in the future we may partner with like-minded companies, but any sponsorships will not involve the sharing of your data. This does also mean that watching ads for Coins is no more, but you can complete your Daily Quest as an alternative.

Plato has grown tremendously in the last few years with over 30 million registered players and 5 million playing every month. We’re humbled and would like to thank you for your ongoing support.

The entire Plato Team is looking forward to continuing to bring Plato to you for many more years to come.

- Plato Team



Plato Team

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