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Plato Team
3 min readNov 6, 2017


We believe the best games are the ones that bring people together.

Sara and Thomas grew up together playing chess. When their parents decided to raise their kids together as next-door neighbors, they took them to the park together. But they didn’t use their energy on the swings. Instead, they developed a fierce rivalry in the seats; Thomas just couldn’t seem to win a single game, being younger than Sara, but it didn’t stop him from trying, over and over again. It didn’t even matter the other kids thought they were uncool for doing it.

Mobile gaming has become isolating, messy and filled with monetization gimmicks.

Online games used to be simple: focus on the game itself, and focus on social interaction, and you were ready to go. There was no complex array of monetization systems; no conference rooms dedicated to crafting new artificial currencies to buy into; no marketing schemes to hook in the “whales.”

Instead, there was the hidden craft of perfecting the social environment. The right chatrooms to find new challengers; the intimate connections formed between two friends in a game in their private conversations between turns.

Don’t worry. It’s not gone. After almost twenty years, the minds behind the original Yahoo! Games would like to introduce you to Plato.

Sara is twenty-six. She should be happy. She has a job in an office, like she wanted. She works as a ‘creative professional’ now. She’s moved across the country, from Seattle to Brooklyn, but now, she keeps thinking about what happened to Thomas. She catches herself daydreaming about the way the sun looked in the park during the golden hour. Maybe it’s the homesickness, but he seemed so integral to her life at one point. Now she hasn’t seen him in over a decade. What would he say to her over something so small like that? He’d just think she was sentimental. But could she try and catch up over a game?

How would they even play?

Plato is clean, social and pure.

Plato is a new — and old — kind of game app for mobile. There’s no needless push notifications, no isolating monetization schemes, and no ads. Plato was built from the ground up with custom technology that provides pure, equal chat and play. Plato is a messenger app, with games that get right to the point: having fun with your friends. It’s that simple — and honestly, we know simple can be a refreshing change!

Sara ended up finding Thomas. Some strange things happened — he’s in a band now, but ultimately he seems happy with his partner, and he’s just as sentimental as she is. It took some time, but some friends at work proposed Plato to Sara. It’s both a messenger and a platform for games, and the two parts are absolutely seamless together.

The best part? Thomas is just as bad as he ever was — but now Sara has the skill rating to prove it.

Want to get started? Join the Plato community easily with our newest feature, public rooms, that let you get started playing games with anyone else — or make a private group for you and your friends to pick up and play.

There’s never been a better time to discover an old secret: the best games are the ones that bring people together.

Get started with Plato on Google Play and the iOS App Store.



Plato Team

Plato is a new — and old — kind of games and chat app. We believe the best games are the ones that bring people together.