Introducing Groups 2.0

Plato Team
2 min readFeb 11, 2019

For the past few months we’ve been busy behind the scenes improving Groups. Our goal was to act on feedback that people wanted to make their own public Rooms. We also wanted to give group owners more control over moderation, more ways to customize their group, and to separate in-game chat from out-of-game chat.

What about old Groups?

Groups 2.0 are a whole new type of group only available in the latest versions (1.6.0+) of Plato. While old Groups will still continue to function, in version 1.6.0+ you won’t be able create old Groups or add members to them.

We strongly recommend everyone updates to the latest version of Plato available and re-creates their existing groups as Groups 2.0.

Groups 2.0 Features

Rooms-like Interface

Groups 2.0 look and feel like Rooms with separate tabs for chat, games, and who’s online in the Group.

Better Moderation

Group 2.0 owners can now promote others to special roles to help them maintain their Groups. Note: Each role also has the features of the role(s) above it in.

Members — Can chat, create games and leave group.

Moderators — Can add or remove Members.

Admins — Can promote or remove Moderators, edit Group info.

Owner — Can promote or remove Admins.

More Customization

Groups now have customizable icons and descriptions.

Focused Chat

In old Groups, conversations that took place within a game created inside the group also showed in the chat thread. In Groups 2.0, chat is focused to the chat thread area itself, cutting down on out of context conversations.

What’s Next

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback and will continue to improve Groups 2.0 based on your input. Feel free to send your comments to or @platochat on Twitter.



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