Ads on Plato

For the last 5 years we’ve worked hard to build Plato to be a pure and fun-focused experience. We’ve grown the team to 20 people, had 7.5 million installs, and over a million people now use Plato each month. To date, all that has been completely free with just a single optional purchase of Unlimited Levels.

As we looked into what we want to accomplish in 2019 and beyond, it became clear we needed the people that use Plato each day to help support it. Unlike a lot of other apps or games, Plato wasn’t built to leverage loot boxes or pay-to-win gimmicks. So, after much consideration, we decided ads would be a fast, simple, and fair way to help Plato monetize starting today.

We understand most people don’t like ads and so we’ve bundled in the option to remove them completely with our Unlimited Levels in-app purchase.

Will ads be around forever? We’re not sure. We’re going to do what is needed to continue to make Plato available to everyone for years to come with as little friction as possible. We will re-evaluate ads regularly depending on how other monetization efforts go.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Plato is a new — and old — kind of games and chat app. We believe the best games are the ones that bring people together.

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